Learning Schools: Transforming Teacher Effectiveness in West Virginia


Standards for Professional Learning

Responsibilities of Learning School Stakeholders

Learning School Checklist

Catalyst School Brochure

Video Testimonials


Pilot Learning Schools:
Year 1 (2014-2015)

Culloden Elementary School
Hamlin Prek-8 School
Salt Rock Elementary

Year 2 (2015-2016)

Gilbert Elementary School
New Haven Elementary School
Pritchard Elementary School
West Chapmanville Elmentary


Professional learning is the comprehensive, sustained, and intensive approach to improving teacher and principal effectiveness in raising student achievement.

The Learning School Initiative seeks to revolutionize professional development in our state by gradually implementing a new paradigm for professional learning.  The project is focused on empowerment of teachers to take ownership of their own professional learning and work together as a school wide team to address identified goals for student achievement.

The learning school process engages the teachers and administration to implement the following steps:

 Engage in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) – Teachers and the administration operate as a team to work together to improve teaching and learning.  This method leads to a more complex, more fruitful interaction in a social setting, where participants can test their ideas, challenge their inferences and interpretations, and process new information with each other.  Teachers work in teams to review student data – assessment results, culture and climate surveys, etc. – to determine what needs exist for both staff and student alike.

Re-imagine Time – Schools are encouraged to re-imagine their school day to allow for time to complete professional learning while ensuring that student instruction continues.

Common School-wide Goal:  The staff develops a goal based on identified student needs that will drive the school’s instructional focus.

Evaluation – Teams meet to evaluate progress, including completion of action plans, analyzing updated data, and monitoring teacher effectiveness.  The PLC engages in reflections to process lessons learned and set new professional learning goals.

The Learning School Model

 Set the stage
Create a culture of collaboration that promotes change
Schedule time for collaborative professional learning

 Implement strategies for success
Plan for effective professional learning
Use student data to drive the professional learning process.
Use proven designs for effective professional learning (action research, etc.)
Facilitate collaborative professional learning teams
Plan and report progress
Evaluate progress

 Engage the community by communicating success