RESA 2 Professional Learning / Tecnical Assistance / Services




Professional Learning:

 Curriculum & Instruction:

  • Book Studies for administrators: Using Data to Improve Learning for All, Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind, Becoming a Learning School, and The Multiplier Effect: Tapping the Genius Inside Our Schools in order to enhance leadership in administrators.
  • 9th Grade Academies Support for Graduation 20/20 and PBIS Schools
  • Close Reading
  • Data Notebooks
  • IPI Overview
  • Student Engagement Strategies
  • Classroom Management
  • Effective Teaming
  • Using Data to Drive Instruction
  • Project Based Learning/Questioning
  • Reimagined Time
  • National Dropout Prevention Center Framework
  • CEEDAR Transition Framework
  • Goal Setting for Educators and Students
  • Next Gen. Standards and Assessments
  • Student Voice/Student Leadership
  • Varying Instructional Strategies
  • Next Gen. “Look Fors” for Central Office staff and administrators.
  • NXT Gen Writing
  • Writers’ Workshop
  Curriculum & Instruction (continued)

  • Descriptive Feedback
  • Effective PLCs
  • Introduction to STEM
  • Classroom Management
  • PBL
  • Data Notebooks and Data Walls
  • Performance Tasks
  • NXT Gen guidance for Administrators
  • NXT Gen Guidance for central office
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Becoming a Learning School
  • Deep Data Conversations
  • Looking at Student Work
  • Student Voice
  • Acceleration Strategies
  • Math support for Number Talks
  • Math support for Go Math
  • Substitute Teacher Training
  • Teacher Leadership
  • Principal Leadership – Continuous School Improvement
  • Technology Integration
  • SPI, SPL
  • Speech and Language Disorder Seminars



  • Compliance in Hiring Policy 5000
  • Harassment in the Work Place
  • Employee Code of Conduct Training
  • Evaluation Training
  • Bus operator training on Policy
  • School Financial Policy Training
  • Purchasing Policy Training
  • Interpretation of Domestic Court Order training
  • Proper Use of Social Media Training


  • Current Drug Trends
  • Discipline Management System
  • FitnessGram physical fitness assessment for physical education teachers
  • Health Education Assessment Protocol (HEAP) assessment for health teachers
  • Not-On-Tobacco Adolescent Cessation Program
  • Recognize, Respond React Suicide Prevention
  • Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)
  • Substitute Nurses Certification
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid

Special Education:

  • ADOS 2 training for School Psychologist, Diagnosticians and Speech Pathologists
  • Building Positive Relationships
  • Sensory Integration
  • Child Observation Summary Form
  • Preschool Support
  • Data Driven Instruction for Preschool Teachers
  • Specially Designed Instruction
  • Co-Teaching and Collaborative Teaching Practices
  • Classroom Instruction That Works!
 Special Education (continued)

  • Student Engagement
  • Support for Personalized Learning
  • Support for Personalized Instruction
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (CPI)*
  • Effective Teams and Processes
  • PLC development


  • Scheduling Workshops
  • WOW Trainings
  • Early Warning Trainings


 Technical Assistance Support:

Curriculum & Instruction:

  • Support Graduation and Transition meetings in schools and regional trainings
  • Mentoring At-Risk Students in PBIS schools
  • Training educators on ZoomWV & ZoomWVe
  • Catalyst School
  • Grant Applications
  • Provide embedded professional learning for Focus Schools, schools who are participating in initiatives, and upon request
  • Conduct IPI Coding, Data Review, and Goal Setting at school sites per request
  • Non-Cognitive Student Project in selected PBIS, Catalyst, Graduation 20/20 schools
  • 21st CCLC support for YEP at Gilbert Middle School and Williamson PK-8
  • FAST Team
  • Early Literacy
  • MDC/LDC Coaching
  • Blended Learning
  • Professional Learning Consortium
  • Cooperative Purchasing
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Principal Coaching
  • Math/ELA Coaching
  • Teaming
  • PBIS / Culture
  • Graduation 20/20 and Transition


  • Bullying Prevention and Positive School Climate
  • School Climate Survey (SCS) implementation and data analysis
  • School aafety and violence prevention
  • Health Education Assessment Protocol (HEAP) assessment analysis and reporting
  • FitnessGram physical fitness assessment analysis and reporting
  • Nutrition policy implementation
  • Random drug screening policy implementation
  • Tobacco policy implementation
  • School-based health centers

Special Education:

  • PBIS
  • Graduation 20/20 / Transition
  • Effective Teams and Processes
  • Co-Teaching
  • Special Educator
  • Discipline Data Analysis
  • Data Analysis


Audiological Services

  • Comprehensive Audiometric Evaluations
  • Hearing Screenings
  • Otoscopic Evaluations
  • Cerumen Removal
  • Hearing Aid Checks
  • Assistive Listening Device Placements
  • Assistive Listening Device Checks
  • Consultative Services for Principals, Teachers, SLPs, Parents, Students, etc.





  • Client Legal Advice
  • Grievance hearings, level 1, 2 and 3
  • Due Process hearings
  • FOIA assistance
  • Citizen Complaint issues
  • Wage and Hour Division of Labor cases
  • EEOC Human Rights Commission cases
  • Unemployment hearings
  • Division of Environmental Protection Fine cases


  • Wellness-related newsletters and information for teachers, parents and students.
  • Physical and health education curriculum support and resources:  evidenced-based drug prevention curriculum supports, stability activity balls, Fitbit pilot project, etc.
  • Grant writing for prevention grants (teen pregnancy, physical activity)


  • Providing WOW Support for users
  • Assisting the WVEIS State Staff with daily operation on the AS/400
  • Calling in and maintaining the RESA 2 trouble log for phone lines
  • Assist counties with data research
  • Support RESA 2 Schools and County Offices with State Data Reports
  • Backup files at the end of the calendar year and school year for Finance and Student Data
  • Restore files as needed
  • Support each school and county in our region with the scheduling, attendance and grading process in both WOW and WVEIS green screen.
  • Support each school and county with printing issues
  • Set up and keep Virtual Printers started
  • Assist /update FormsPrint Forms
  • Prepare Training Material with Step-by-Step instructions for enrolling, dropping, grading, scheduling and attendance for new employees
  • Provide IBM Query support
  • Provide Sequel Query support
  • Create Sequel Queries as requested
  • Support Teachers, Principals, Central Office personnel with Ed Eval

 Computer Repair:

  • Onsite computer repair
  • Computer installs
  • Computer imaging
  • Computer purchasing
  • Router installs/configurations
  • Printer installs/repairs
  • Remote support
  • Phone support
  • Lenovo and HP warranty
  • Server Support
  • Parts inventory
  • A site to enter and maintain records of work orders for computer repairs and installs

Specialized Services:

  • Tutoring Services
  • Food Service
  • Energy Management
  • Attorney Services for Central Office and Boards of Education
  • Principal Coaching
  • Math Coaching
  • ELA Coaching
  • Medicaid Billing Support
  • Audiology Services


RESA2 Proffesional Learning / Technical Assistance /Services