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Regional School WellnessRESA 2 employees a Regional School Wellness Specialist (RSWS) to implement a Coordinated School Public Health (CSPH) service model in collaboration with the West Virginia Department of Education and West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.CSPH is an approach that brings together the resources of families, schools, and communities to help students stay healthy and make the most of their educational opportunities.CSPH covers a wide range of topics:• Health Education• Physical Education

• Nutrition Services

• Health Services

• Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services

• School Environment

• Parent/Community Involvement

• Staff Wellness

The goal of CSPH is to ensure that every child enjoys social, physical and emotional health so that his or her readiness to learn is not impacted, thus helping assure students the best chance of academic success.


Counselors, Support Staff Squeezed by Lack of Resources:

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Professional Development Training

 RESA 2 offer professional development training in the Life Skills Training (LST) Curriculum, the FitnessGram phyiscal fitness assessment, and the Health Education Assessmnet Project (HEAP) test.


CSO Alignments for Grades 6-8:

Health CSO Level 1

Health CSO Level 2

Health CSO Level 3
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Health Tips for Principals

Top Nutrition Tips For Student Athletes