Special Education

Special Education Department

The special education component of RESA 2 is for the improvement of special programs for handicapped and gifted exceptional learners in the six counties. A full-time Director of Special Education is responsible for the following activities:
  • Development and improvement of services to exceptional learners.
  • Development and revision of procedures used to implement the state and federal laws related to special education.
  • Helping parents to become full partners in the education process of their exceptional child.
  • Improving the effectiveness of the school level decision making process used to refer children to special education programs.
  • Improving teaching skills of teachers involved in the specially designed instruction for exceptional learners.
  • Providing special activities for exceptional students and/or their teachers.

The yearly implementation of these activities reflects the on-going commitment by the six counties of RESA 2 to provide quality programming services for exceptional learners.


Special Education Training Materials

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