Substitute Teacher Training

Online Substitute Teacher Training



RESA 2 offers online alternative substitute training as authorized by representatives from the six counties in the region including Cabell, Lincoln, Logan, Mason, Mingo and Wayne. According to WV Board of Education Policy 5202, a candidate meeting the minimum requirements is eligible to complete the 18 required hours of substitute training needed to acquire a short-term substitute permit. In addition, candidates can complete the 12 online hours necessary to renew a short-term substitute permit through the RESA 2 online site. The RESA 2 online substitute site is accessible from August through May of each school year.

Minimum Candidate Requirements

According to WV Policy 5202, to acquire an initial short-term substitute permit, the candidate must, at a minimum, complete the following requirements:

§  Obtained a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education;

§  Graduated with a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.0; and

§  Be recommended by the county board of education in which the candidate seeks employment.

Participant Procedures for Application

Participants that meet the minimum qualifications must first contact the personnel director in the county in which the candidate is seeking employment to request consideration. If there is a need for alternative substitutes in the perspective county, a county designee will review officially submitted documentation to verify the candidate meets the minimum requirements.

RESA 2 County Substitute Submission Procedures

A central office representative submits the following to RESA 2:

§  a completed County Recommendation Form;

§  a completed Contract of Understanding; and

§  a $50.00 money order collected from the candidate and made payable to RESA 2.

Completed forms and money order(s) may be sent to RESA 2 at the following address:

Tammy Stowers


2001 McCoy Road

Huntington, WV 25701

Upon receipt of acceptable submissions, a RESA 2 representative will e-mail the candidate a username and password allowing access to the online alternative substitute course.

Substitute Permit Training Requirements

In order to acquire a short-term substitute permit, RESA 2 offers candidates an opportunity to satisfy the required 18 hours of substitute training through the following formats:

§  10 hours: clocked online RESA 2 substitute course;

§  2 hours: in-person training which includes completion of a proficiency exam with a score of at least 80%; and

§  6 hours: classroom observations (under the guidance/procedures of the county in which the candidate is seeking employment).

In-Person Training (2 hours)

Note: The following must be completed prior to registering or participating in the 2 hour in-person training: 1) successful completion and grading (with credit of 1/1) on ALL online substitute lessons; and 2) 6 hours of classroom observations (completed observation form indicating 6 hours of completed observations must be presented at in-person training).

Upon successful (all assignments are graded with a credit of 1/1) completion of 10 hours of online training and 6 hours of classroom observations, a candidate is required to attend 2 hours of in-person substitute training. Participants must submit a completed form at the in-person training verifying the completion of 6 hours of classroom observations. At the conclusion of the in-person session, participants are required to complete a proficiency exam with a score of at least 80%. Upon successful completion of the in-person substitute training, RESA 2 will mail a certificate of program completion to the pertinent county office and will inform each successful candidate by e-mail that the certificate of completion has been sent to the county of potential employment. The entire process of completing the online substitute training and classroom observations must be completed within 4 consecutive months, otherwise, the process must begin anew.

The in-person training is offered August through June from 10:00 a.m. – noon at the RESA 2 office located at: 2001 McCoy Road, Huntington, WV 25701 (directions are available on the RESA 2 site). Training dates for the 2013-2014 school year will be held on the following dates:

§  August 15, 2013

§  September 19, 2013

§  October 17, 2013

§  November 21, 2013

§ No Session in December

§  January 16, 2014

§  February 20, 2014

§  March 27, 2014

§  April 17, 2014

§  May 15, 2014

§ June 19, 2014


Validity Period

Successful candidates will acquire an initial short-term substitute permit valid for three years and expires on June 30 of the final year. Note that completion of training and observations does not guarantee either certification or employment as a substitute teacher with the county board of education.

RESA 2 Renewal Substitute Submission Procedures

A designated central office representative submits to RESA 2 the following:

§  a completed County Recommendation Form;

§  a completed Contract of Understanding; and

§  a $50.00 money order collected from the candidate made payable to RESA 2.

The completed forms and the money order(s) can be delivered in-person or mailed to: Karen Davies, RESA 2 Assistant Executive Director, at the address indicated above.

Substitute Permit Renewal Requirements

Candidates seeking to renew substitute certification must successfully complete:

§ 12 hours of clocked online RESA 2 substitute course training as authorized by the employing county.

Note: Renewal substitute certification does not require observations, attendance at in-person training or proficiency testing. However, upon submission of verification of successful completion of the online substitute course, the candidate must be approved upon recommendation of the county superintendent by the local board of education. The 12 clock hours of RESA 2 online alternative substitute training must be completed within four consecutive months. Otherwise the renewal submission requirements must be re-submitted including the $50 payment to RESA 2. If a candidate’s original substitute certificate expires the candidate must reapply as a “new” substitute and will be required to complete the online course, 6 hours of classroom observations, attend the 2 hour in-person training and successfully complete testing.

Questions regarding RESA 2 online substitute training may be addressed to Tammy Stowers at or (304) 529-6205, x 24.